Clearing Your Record

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Everyone can clean up a criminal record and restore rights and privileges lost by a criminal conviction. Some are more difficult to remove than others, but all can be forgiven by executive clemency under the right compelling circumstances. You can get clemency if you deserve it!

In any pardon request, the probability of success requires that your petition assure little risk of criminal recidivism and that your criminal record has had a severe negative impact on your life, such as negatively affecting your ability to secure current or future job opportunities. It is desirable that you have achieved a level of competence in your chosen field through education or experience and that it would best benefit the community if your pursuit of future endeavors were not hindered by your record. Military service, health service and other significant community service are given extraordinary consideration but are not exclusive for success. Your probability of success depends on the compelling nature of your individual situation. Each petition reflects the unique life circumstances and achievements of each client. Accordingly, petitions cannot be compared together to determine a success/loss ratio. If your situation is compelling, your petition will be successful.

Expungement & Sealing

Certain cases can be expunged or sealed without clemency if they qualify. If your case(s) may be expunged or sealed without requiring a governor’s pardon, you will be advised of that option.

Governor’s Pardon

A governor’s pardon with authority to expunge may be required to clear your state arrest record. Also, only specific consideration by the governor will restore gun rights lost by certain convictions. A pardon is also required for a commutation of sentence.

Presidential Pardon

A presidential pardon will restore various rights lost because of the pardoned offense. It should also lessen the stigma arising from a conviction, but it will not erase or expunge the record of that conviction. A presidential pardon may relieve many state civil disabilities through state action following receipt of the pardon.

Pursuing clemency is always a worthwhile pursuit that may affect your future profoundly. While your petition is pending, if an urgent opportunity or need should arise while waiting for a determination by the governor or president, a copy of your professionally prepared pending petition can be used by you to best explain past criminal history to others. It may impress a prospective employer or others that you have taken the initiative to clear your record.

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