Domestic Violence

Domestic ViolenceChicago Spousal Abuse Lawyer

Police have strict orders to make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call. The phrase "take a walk around the block and cool off" no longer applies. If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence, you need a skilled attorney to set the record straight and defend your rights.

There are courts specifically set up to hear domestic violence cases, and Warren J. Breslin has extensive experience representing people who have been saddled with orders of protection or restraining orders that prevent them from seeing their families. Since 1982, he has been defending Illinois clients from domestic violence and assault charges.

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Protecting You from Arrest

If you were arrested for domestic violence and released on bond, it is very important you keep your distance from your accuser. The minimum time you must remain apart is 72 hours, though the judge can order a longer time period. Likewise, if your spouse or partner has obtained a temporary order of protection, you should keep your distance. Even if meeting with your spouse or partner is consensual, the police will arrest you for violating the bond or order if they see you together.

Warren J. Breslin will explain your options and inform you of your rights. He has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases and can help you avoid an arrest for violating the conditions of bond or a temporary order of protection.

Working to Get Your Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

The state is very aggressive when it comes to domestic violence charges. Prosecutors are less likely to drop charges even when your accuser wants the charges dropped. But if that is the case, prosecutors can be more easily persuaded through the skillful negotiations of a properly prepared defense attorney.

Warren J. Breslin has the legal experience and knowledge needed to defend you. He will investigate the circumstances of your arrest. By reviewing the evidence, he will build your defense and fight to get your case dismissed.

Domestic Violence Charges and Your Child

If you have a child and you have been accused of domestic violence, you could lose custody of your child. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) can take their own action against you, separate from any criminal proceedings, to have your child placed in a foster home. Warren J. Breslin has successfully helped many parents fight these proceedings and keep their children.

Before speaking to anyone about your domestic violence charges, speak to Warren J. Breslin. Contact a Chicago spousal abuse attorney online for a return call at 312-321-9070 to discuss your charges.

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