Preparing for Your Appearance in Court

Suspended Driver's License

When you appear in court there are certain things to know that will better prepare you and your attorney. The arrest experience that brings you to court was only the beginning of the oftentimes lengthy case resolution process. Be prepared for the courtroom experience. Warren J. Breslin will guide you through the process and advises the following when preparing for court:

Preparing for Court
  • It is most important that you have provided your attorney with copies of all arrest documents that were given to you by the police and any other case related mail that you later received. Copies of all requested documents should be faxed, emailed, or delivered to Warren J. Breslin well in advance of court. Avoid last minute payments and document delivery so as to allow adequate preparation and to avoid distraction from court proceedings.
  • Warren J. Breslin will have prepared you if you need to address the court for any reason; otherwise he alone will address the court in all matters preliminary to trial or hearings. At the appropriate preparation meeting, allow Mr. Breslin to guide you through the fact-finding interview process rather than providing a narrative account of your case to him.
  • Supreme Court Business or best attire is recommended to present your best impression to the court. Remember that a favorable impression may be pivotal to your credibility and case disposition. Proper courtroom attire is required of all police officers and prosecution witnesses who will be similarly seeking that advantage.
  • Bring a family or friend interpreter with you if needed. Your attorney has to be able to communicate with you at all times outside the courtroom concerning last minute matters, and a court appointed interpreter is not always available.
  • Allow ample extra time for parking and security screening. Food, drinks, pocket knives, scissors and pepper sprays are not allowed in court buildings. Cell phones with cameras and recording devices are not permitted in court buildings. Turn off phones and pagers while in the courtroom.
  • Always be inside your courtroom at your designated time. If you must check in, tell the clerk that you are represented by an attorney so that your file will be set aside.
  • Please have Warren J. Breslin's business card with you.
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