Breathalyzer Test

Breathalyzer Test

Were you administered a Breathalyzer test? If so, the test measured your blood alcohol content (BAC). If your BAC was .08 — the presumptive level for intoxication in Illinois — or over, you are presumed under the law to have been impaired. It is necessary to discredit the test result by challenging the breathalyzer machine and operator's certification and accuracy.

As a skilled Chicago Breathalyzer test lawyer, Warren J. Breslin can protect your rights, even when the Breathalyzer test results seem to be overwhelmingly incriminating. He has repeatedly successfully challenged Breathalyzer administration and test results, thereby rescinding suspensions and obtaining verdicts of acquittal.

Warren J. Breslin is a former Chicago police officer and a former Cook County prosecutor. His experience is used to strengthen his work as a defense attorney. He knows the legal system and will make sure you know your rights and understand your case every step of the way.

Did you blow over .08? Did you refuse to take a breath test? Contact a Cook County, Illinois, breath test refusal attorney online for a return call or call Warren J. Breslin's law offices at 312-321-9070 for a free initial consultation.
Breathalyzer Refusal

There is no hard or fast answer to the question, "Should I take the Breathalyzer test?" Generally speaking, you should not take it. If you do take it and blow over .08, then your license is more likely to be suspended, and you are also providing the prosecution with evidence of intoxication. If you have been drinking and feel some impairment, refuse the test. However, if you have not been drinking or are very sure that you are not impaired by minimal drinking, you should take the breath test. More information is provided at the DUI section of Know Your Rights.

Thorough Evaluation of the Breathalyzer Machine & Administration

Attorney Breslin represents people throughout the Greater Chicago area facing first-offense DUI/DWI as well as multiple DUI/DWI offenses. He challenges Breathalyzer test evidence by obtaining answers to questions such as the following:

  • Was the police officer properly trained in administering the Breathalyzer test?
  • Was the Breathalyzer machine in proper working order?
  • Was the Breathalyzer machine properly calibrated? Were the calibration records up to date?
  • Were physiological factors taken into account?
  • Was there enough legal cause in the first place for the officer to request that you take the test?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, or if you are facing a suspended license or revoked license, turn to the attorney with the skill, dedication and knowledge to win your case.

Free Consultations with a Cook County, Illinois, Breath Test Refusal Attorney

Contact Warren J. Breslin online or call his law office at 312-321-9070 to discuss your case. Warren Breslin is an accomplished AV Preeminent* rated criminal defense attorney who will work hard to defend your rights and win your case. He serves clients in Palatine, Chicago and throughout Illinois.

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