Restoring Your Driving Privileges

If you are like the vast majority of Greater Chicago area motorists, you got your driver's license when you were 16. Driving soon became part of your everyday life, and it was easy to forget that driving is a privilege — not a right. Now, after a DUI/DWI arrest or accumulation of traffic violations, you are facing driver's license suspension. You are now faced with the hardship of not having a license and the urgent need to have your driving privileges restored.

Warren J. Breslin is a former Chicago police officer and a former Cook County prosecutor. He uses his knowledge to help people reinstate their driving privileges. He knows the legal system and will make sure you know your rights and understand every step of getting your driving privileges restored.

Contact Chicago license reinstatement lawyer Warren J. Breslin online or call his law offices at 312-321-9070 for a free initial consultation. You will need a qualified attorney's help to get your driving privileges restored. Warren J. Breslin holds the highest AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating* and is honored to be listed in the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.
Act Swiftly to Regain Your Driving Privileges After a Suspension or Revocation

Warren J. Breslin is an AV Preeminent* rated Chicago felony DUI lawyer with more than 30 years of experience helping clients reinstate their driving privileges.

Regarding DUIs

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI, your driver's license is subject to summary suspension proceedings. Under Illinois state law, you have 90 days from the date of your Notice of Summary Suspension to file a Petition to Rescind your suspension. Your summary suspension will begin on the 46th day following receipt of your notice, unless or until the suspension is rescinded by the court that will be hearing your DUI case as well.

Along with representing you in your DUI case, attorney Warren Breslin will represent you at the summary suspension hearing in the DUI court. Your driving privileges will be immediately restored if your suspension is successfully rescinded. If not, and you have not had a DUI in the past five years, you will be eligible for an unrestricted 24/7 permit upon installation of a breathalyzer in your vehicle for the duration of the suspension past the first 30 days. If not eligible for the unrestricted Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP), you must petition the Illinois Secretary of State for a restricted work, school or medical permit through an administrative hearing. Warren Breslin will assist you in that hearing process.

A DUI revocation following a DUI conviction will always require an administrative hearing.

Other Suspensions or Revocations

An administrative hearing is required to regain any driving relief during any suspension period not connected to a DUI. Once the suspension period has ended and the reinstatement fee has been paid, your driver's license will be automatically reinstated.

Revocations never expire automatically. They always require an administrative hearing for any driving relief during the revocation period and after the reinstatement eligibility date to receive full reinstatement.

Free Consultations with a Chicago License Reinstatement Lawyer

Contact Warren J. Breslin online or call his law office at 312-321-9070 to discuss your case. Warren Breslin is an accomplished criminal defense attorney who will work hard to defend your rights and help you get your driving privileges restored. He serves clients in Palatine, Chicago and throughout Illinois. If you have an Illinois driver's license and receive an out-of-state matter that may affect your Illinois driving privileges, Warren Breslin will work with you and your out-of-state attorney to avoid reciprocal action against your Illinois license. If you are revoked in Illinois and are unable to get an out-of-state license until the Illinois revocation is cleared, call Warren J. Breslin to help you clear the way.

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